Taking on a building project can be a daunting and harrowing process that involves planning materials, compliance laws and meeting other requirements.

However, hiring a building surveyor can help you take the pressure off, especially by ensuring the plans and building process comply with the laws, and inspections, permits and licenses are satisfactory. At Opes Building Solutions we offer the following services to cater for your needs.

Issuing Building Permits

Building permits are approvals that are granted by the relevant building surveyor when satisfied all the relevant information/s provided is satisfactory with the Building Act, Building Regulations, National Code of Australia and the Relevant Australian Standards prior to the start of a new or existing building.

Undertaking mandatory site inspections

Building inspections are mandatory and aim to ensure that the building is built using quality materials and complies with the plans and regulations that govern the building industry. Such inspections evaluate public protection, foundations, building frames and pre-finals amongst others that vary accordingly to each project.

Prepare building inspection reports for owner builders

Inspect and prepare inspection report for the home owner which is an indication of the quality of the building and how well it complies to the current standards. This allows the owner to be apprised of the progress of the building and take the necessary corrective measures in case of any non-compliance matters are unearthed during the inspection process.

Undertake essential safety measures

Safety measures should always be a priority in the construction industry. By hiring us, you are assured that we will make sure that your building as well as the construction process itself complies with essential safety measures and hence can get certification of design documentation due to this compliance among others. Ensuring fire safety and performing risk audits is a task we undertake seriously. Audits identify safety measures, any defects, maintenance done, mechanical and fire measures, etc. This is then included in a report that details the essential safety measures.

Review and issue liquor license statement

By reviewing the drawings and possibly an inspection to site, we can help identify the maximum allowed patron capacity. This assessment is undertaken by various methods i.e. toilet calculations, floor area, exit widths, existing occupancy permit certificate etc. Preforming and undertaking this assessment is essential as part of Liquor Licensing.