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We are a private building surveying services company located in Melbourne and aims to provide top quality services that will ensure your building experience is not only enjoyable but also smooth as possible. We offer great services and employ professionals that are skilled and experienced to ensure we deliver the proposed project within the prescribed timeframe. This sets us apart and helps us ensure that we respond to your queries and requirements in a prompt manner. Providing services customised to suit your needs is our specialty, and more so, customer satisfaction is our top priority.

What We Do

We lend our services and support to builders, property developers, building design professionals, trade contractors all the while upholding and maintaining laws, rule and regulations that govern the building process in Australia. We ensure our clients are apprised of matters concerning the need for compliance, building codes, mandatory inspections and requirements and all building related permits.

We offer technical support and help with the building design and plan from conception to completion. We ensure high standard of construction by complying with the Victoria Building Act, Building Regulations, National Construction Code and Australian Standards.

We also provide prompt advice and support during the building process. This may include providing advice to builders on new policies that may help other professionals to encounter less disruption or help you to navigate through the bureaucracy of Councils to avoid delays

Our Services

At Opes Building Solutions we provide wide range of building services with our experienced skilled professionals in various aspects of building surveying services. We provide ongoing guidance from initial design of the project to the final stage of completion. Our testimonials from satisfied customers are an indication as to the high quality of work we have continued to pride ourselves in.

Sometimes bureaucracy can frustrate the building process and that’s why it’s important to choose the right building surveyor that can navigate the system for you to ensure your building project is completed on time.

Our building surveyors apart from being skilled at survey techniques are also well trained in the building surveying processes. They, therefore will ensure that your design will comply with the Building Act, Building Regulations, National Code of Australia and Relevant Australian Standards that govern building industry.We take care of the stressful process and allow you to enjoy your building project. You can be assured that not only your building will be compliant but it will also pass inspections and receive the relevant permits and certificates required.

Issuing Building Permits

Building permits are approvals that are granted by the relevant building surveyor when satisfied all the relevant information/s provided is satisfactory with the Building Act, Building Regulations, National Code of Australia and the Relevant Australian Standards prior to the start of a new or existing building.

Undertaking mandatory site inspections

Building inspections are mandatory and aim to ensure that the building is built using quality materials and complies with the plans and regulations that govern the building industry. Such inspections evaluate public protection, foundations, building frames and pre-finals amongst others that vary accordingly to each project.

Prepare building inspection reports for owner builders

Inspect and prepare inspection report for the home owner which is an indication of the quality of the building and how well it complies to the current standards. This allows the owner to be apprised of the progress of the building and take the necessary corrective measures in case of any non-compliance matters are unearthed during the inspection process.

Undertake essential safety measures

Safety measures should always be a priority in the construction industry. By hiring us, you are assured that we will make sure that your building as well as the construction process itself complies with essential safety measures and hence can get certification of design documentation due to this compliance among others. Ensuring fire safety and performing risk audits is a task we undertake seriously. Audits identify safety measures, any defects, maintenance done, mechanical and fire measures, etc. This is then included in a report that details the essential safety measures.

Free Consulting

  • Building Act.
  • Building Regulations.
  • National Code of Australia and .
  • Relevant Australian Standards that govern building industry.

Are you in need of building surveying services? Worry no more for our services are at your disposal. Enjoy great services at competitive prices and make your dream a reality today. Contact us at Opes Building Solutions in Melbourne VIC, Australia. Or send us an email at admin@opesbs.com.auand we will quickly get back to you to address your needs.

Are you in need of building surveying services?

Contact us at Opes Building Solutions in Melbourne VIC, Australia

Or send us an email at admin@opesbs.com.au and we will quickly get back to you to address your needs.

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